Thursday, May 7, 2009

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Windows 7 RC: What to expect

Despite dropping native Bluetooth support, the Windows 7 Release Candidate continues to impress with big new features, better old features, and a longer trial period. Check out our hands-on review.

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    AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition 2,093,778 downloads
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    Avast Home Edition 764,643 downloads
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    Malwarebytes Anti-Malware 336,608 downloads
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    LimeWire 335,884 downloads
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    WinRAR 301,796 downloads
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    Orbit Downloader 301,550 downloads
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    YouTube Downloader 287,790 downloads
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    Camfrog Video Chat 249,020 downloads
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    Download Accelerator Plus 212,001 downloads
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    Advanced SystemCare Free 211,025 downloads
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    FrostWire 188,551 downloads
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    VersionTracker Pro 186,155 downloads
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    GOM Media Player 155,482 downloads
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    IrfanView 155,353 downloads
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    FLV Player 140,797 downloads
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    Virtual DJ Software 138,628 downloads
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    PhotoScape 135,218 downloads
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Foxit PDF Page Organizer

Foxit PDF Page Organizer

Foxit PDF Page Organizer
Foxit is pleased to announce that Foxit PDF Page Organizer Pro will retail for the suggested price of $59, a reduction of $40. More...
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There are a number of affordable PDF creators on the market that can convert printed documents to PDF files. However, you'll often need to use very expensive tools like Adobe Acrobat to do post processing tasks like merging different documents together, re-arranging pages, composing page outlines, etc. Foxit PDF Page Organizer provides a reliable alternative to those expensive and complicated tools. It displays an overview page without any additional software (like Adobe Acrobat Reader), so you can easily know what you are working on.

The Pro Version

Foxit PDF Page Organizer Pro allows you to not only split, merge, and reorganize pages in your PDF document, but also create outlines (bookmarks), so that your readers can browse the document more efficiently. In addition, it enables you to create annotations for your PDF documents. Annotations can be displayed or printed in some or all the pages of your document. It's very useful if you want to add something like comments, or copyright marks to a document.

What's New in Version 2.93?

Foxit PDF Page Organizer Version 2.93 Build 080116 has introduced some new features and enhancements listed below:

  • File Association: Version 2.93 creates .ppo file association automatically. To open a .ppo file with Foxit PDF Page Organizer, you just need to double-click on it.
  • Rotating Preview: You can now preview page rotation in the Preview window.
  • Multi-line Annotations: Now you can insert multi-line stamp or free text to the designated pages with Foxit PDF Page Organizer.
  • Unicode Support: Better Unicode support for annotation editing.
  • Streamlined UI: The User Interface has been redesigned thoroughly, making organizing your PDF files much easier.
  • Bug Fixes.

Known Issues:

  • With the Evaluation Version or Standard Version, Foxit PDF Page Organizer may pop up a message box preventing you from opening a .ppo file when double-clicking on it. The Professional Version works fine.
  • Limited Unicode support.